Expert Witness Services for Family Law Proceedings

Psychological Assessments and Risk Assessments

Dr Mari Aldridge understands that expert opinion and evidence can be crucial to the decision making surrounding the future welfare of children. As such, she offers an efficient service providing high quality psychological assessments and assessments of risk that withstand rigorous cross-examination. With experience of working as an Expert Witness since 2007, Dr Aldridge has completed a large number of reports for Court.

Dr Aldridge is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist. She has experience of working in a range of settings including H.M. Prison Service, the NHS and a residential family assessment centre. She gained her Masters Degree in Criminological Psychology specialising in the area of domestic violence and abuse. She carried out a number of research and development projects in this area, presenting at national conferences and contributing to the development of perpetrator programmes. Understanding and assessing risk was an essential element of this role.

Within the NHS, Dr Aldridge worked with adults presenting with a range of mental health and psychological difficulties, including those with complex presentations and personality disorders. Drawing on this broad range of experience and having undertaken parenting assessments within a residential family assessment centre for a number of years, Dr Aldridge understands the influence of psychological and mental health difficulties on parenting capacity.

C.V. for Expert Witness Services (please contact Dr Aldridge directly for her C.V.)

“Combining a knowledge of forensic psychology with an understanding of mental health has been invaluable in conducting assessments within Family Law Proceedings; I am regularly required to assist the Court in making decisions surrounding the mental health and psychological functioning of parents, identifying risks and making recommendations surrounding intervention or treatment needs. Providing thorough, evidence based assessments is the key to ensuring that a child’s best interests remain paramount whilst understanding the need to produce reports that are succinct and address the issues at hand”.

Dr Aldridge ensures she maintains her expertise by regularly attending specialist training, workshops and conferences.

Dr Aldridge is also fully certified by Bond Solon, HCPC and is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (AFBPsS)


Terms and Conditions (please contact Dr Aldridge directly for her terms and conditions)